USB Flash Drives in the shape of People!

Welcome to, the most complete resource of USB People on the web!

If you've never seen USB People before, let us give you a quick overview. Simply put, they are USB Flash Drives in the shape of people. They are available with capacities from 64MB to 8GB and most models can be completely customised to fit in with your company uniform, current promotion or anything else that you wish to publicise regarding your company.

Currently, there are 8 different variations of the ever-expanding USB People range as shown below. Take your time to go through each of them to find the one that best fits your promotion. There are standard styles to choose from for each of them, but as stated before, you have the ability to completely customise the design if you so wish.

If you require advice, further information or anything else relating to these USB drives, call 01274 854996 to speak to one of our people, or submit a phone call request and we'll call you as soon as we can.

New Additions. 25 new or updated designs across original, mini and micro usb people

Original USB People

The product that launched the range and the one with the most set styles to choose from.

Metal USB People

Much the same size and shape as the originals, but with extra weight and quality. Laser engraved with your logo.

Mini USB People

Domed design give these flash drives a feeling of solidity and quality and look great with it.

Micro USB People

The babies of the range, the head alone is the USB chip with the body forming the cover.

Rubber USB People

The body is the same as the originals, but the head has a very precise and tactile finish.

Round Head USB People

The heads on these are much rounder than on the originals, allowing for more realistic formation of helmets.

USB People Packaging

Presentation is important - you can design your own packaging to accompany your newly-designed drive.